Be Fraud Smart

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Mobile Alerts

Helping You Feel Safe!

Fraud and online security is something that concerns all of us. Dundalk Credit Union is helping you safeguard your money and your account security by allowing you to set-up mobile alerts through your online banking.

When you login to your online banking, you will see the following menu:

Simply click on the Manage Alerts tab to see the options available:

From here, you can set-up to receive alerts to your email and/or text messages on your smartphone

This is illustrated in the graphic below.

You can also select the type of alert you wish to receive as well as personalize alerts. Examples of this is detailed in the graphic below.

You can review and manage your alert messages and alert history through online banking as shown in the graphic below.

We’re always here to help explain the details of this vital service.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.